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Our Top Tips For Photographing Your Work!

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Our Top Tips For Photographing Your Work!

Having good photos of your work for potential customers is very important, so today we wanted to share with you some of our top tips to ensure they are the best!

Tip 1: Quality!

Having good quality photos of your work is very important, as a grainy, low-quality image looks unprofessional and makes it difficult to see the work. If you do not have a good quality camera or phone then try to borrow one!

Tip 2: Shoot Straight!

Shooting from above or below can distort the work and doesn't always give us a good view of it, so try to shoot your work straight on and level with the camera. Shooting from a slight angle can also work well.


Tip 3: Lighting!

Having the correct lighting is important as a setting that is dark does not allow the work to be seen, and too bright can distort the colours. Using a flash is generally not a good option as it will create a glare as well as unwanted shadows. White light and daylight are the best options, and having the light source coming from behind or to the side of the piece generally work best.

Tip 4: Reflections!

Having a reflection in the glass can distort and distract from the work. You may need to experiment with different angles and placements but generally just ensuring that there's nothing too bright in front of the work will fix this.

Tip 5: Editing!

If you have the time then editing your photos can really bring them to the next level, you don't even need to do much! Bringing up the brightness and contrast will elevate the colours and details in your work. Crop out any unsightly surroundings and make sure that your work is the central focus point of the shoot, finally edit out any spots or dust!

Tip 6: Experiment!

It may take some time to achieve your ideal shot, but don't give up! Experiment with different placements and angles, different lighting, inside or outside etc. If you get stuck then you can go to Instagram for ideas. Once you have your ideal shot you can keep recreating it and it will get easier!

We love to see what you create so don't forget to tag us in your photos @flagshipframing!

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