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How To Price A Frame

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We like to make sure that our site is not only a place to find great moulding but also a source of information and advice for framers. In an attempt to pass on some great advice we thought it would be good to share this fantastic article about pricing your framing jobs.

The article is written by Mark Wilson the man behind pricing and workshop software Framiac. He covers a number of areas related to pricing that might easily be overlooked such as calculating your REAL hourly rate, the cost of materials (and wastage) and what value you should attach to those off-cuts that start to fill so many framers workshops.

The article can be found here

We hope that you find this useful and that it provides advice that can be put in to practise however you manage your business. If you would like to find out more about how Framiac can help you with the management of your business you can read more about their FrameR software at the following website

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